Casting Your First Spell With Candle Magic

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White magic love spells

White magic love spells are probably the most popular of all types of real magic spells.

White magic

White magic is not of any particular tradition. It is more of a general philosophy towards magic than anything else. The philosophy of white magic is simply this: “magic is to heal and to help, not to harm and to create hardships”.

Regardless of how a spell sounds or is cast or what it can do, every spell is white magic if it has good intentions and does no harm. Therefore love spells falls under white magic because, quite simply, they help people to fall happily in love and that’s definitely a good and wonderful thing!

Love spells

Love spells work differently for different spell casters, witches and wizards. The spells, rites and rituals may be performed according to different old cultural traditions, ancestry or personal preferences or style.

It is hard to categorize spells and the people that cast them. They may include chants and prayers, talismans, charms, pendants, drawings, writings, symbols and maybe even dances under the moonlight. All these things can be part of a white magic spell.

While love spells may be different in terms of how exactly they are cast, they are all very similar in the ways in which they attempt to produce their effects. They all want to bring happy, longlasting and all-encompassing love to the people involved in the spell – both the caster and the subject of the spell.


However, even if you cast your spell perfectly not all the realised effects can be called a success. Sometimes, the actual effects are totally in contrast to what was intended.

The reasons are as varied as the persons involved and their particular situations. A boyfriend you thought you loved may not be your true love after all – in casting the spell you will reveal his true intentions and so the magic will show you he’s not right for you. The girl you are attracted to may already have her own partner, and the spell will help you to move on from her and find someone else, and so on.

Because these spells are energised by powerful and wise spirits, they find clever ways to change the effects of these spells to keep you safe and help you on your path to eventual success.

In the end love spells will give you what you really need, and not just the things you directly ask for.

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Witchcraft for Beginners: How to Cast a Love Spell

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A Simple And Easy Love Spell

There are many varied reasons why people cast love spells on fellow human beings. These reasons include love, money, success, or even revenge! The wishes and intentions of the the witch or wizard can affect the method and type of the spell.
For people who have split up with their partners, a retrieval love spell or break-up love spell will help them get back with their lovers. Unconditional love spells are used when someone is doubtful or unsure of his or her lover’s faithfulness and loyalty and wants to secure the love in their relationship. Gay love spells are used for attracting someone of the same sex, and fertility spells to help couples get pregnant or find a child to adopt.
Here’s an example of a simple love spell. To get best results, perform this spell on a Friday and when the moon is at its fullest. Go through the spell slowly, calmly and spend the entire time visualising your intended result and outcome. Use bright, vivid and sharp pictures to really “see” your spell working.
You will need:
* A sheet of lined paper
* A red pen or marker
* A letter envelope
* Your favorite perfume
* If you’re a woman – your favorite shade of lipstick (or a red one)
* And a few pink or red flower petals.
Step 1: Write down all the good qualities and personality traits you want your lover to have. Write these things on the sheet of paper using the red pen or marker. Make the writing big and clear. Write slowly, thinking carefully about your choices.
Step 2: Spray the paper with your favorite perfume. Not too much, just enough so it gives the paper a delicate fragrance.
Step 3: Next pick up the flower petals in your hand, then close your eyes and relax. Imagine a perfect relationship scenario. Envision yourself happy and in love while holding the flower petals in your right hand.
Step 4: The fourth step is to drop the petals into the envelope, seal the envelope closed and kiss it. Before kissing the envelope, make sure you have applied the red lipstick so you leave a visible mark.
It is important to remember that your envelope should never be opened or read by anyone else, Otherwise the spell will be broken. The results may not be instant, but the spell may begin working in a few days or weeks. Be patient and have faith in your ability as a witch or wizard, and your spell will work.

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